It is Time for Southern California

In March of 2014 while ministering in San Diego, at Foothills Christian Church, I received a vision of Jesus standing opposite Southern California. I shared the vision with the church to encourage them in their ongoing emphasis of prayer and reaching out to the younger generation of East San Diego County. I did not, however, […]

2016: What Is Your Vision?


As we enter into the New Year many it would seem are leaning into frustration, pessimism, and, even a sense of hopelessness in regards to the future. I’m not referring to atheists, agnostics, and those in false religions- I’m referring to Christians who claim Christ to be their Lord and Savior and who claim to fully […]

2014 Pioneer Challenge, Pt. 2; God’s Challenging Ways

Wounds, Rejection, & Betrayal; Setbacks, or Opportunities?   “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” Jesus prayed, on the cross. Was that crux moment possibly the ultimate picture of the core of God’s great heart? We are somewhat familiar with the ordeal of the passion- at least head knowledge wise. The beating, […]

The 2014 Pioneer Challenge

The 2014 Pioneer Challenge It’s God’s heart for each of us that we always allow our dreams, visions, and hopes to be governed and inspired by His will for us that so we grow into new levels of success and prosperity. By success I mean being fruitful in extending God’s love, grace and Kingdom. By […]