It is Time for Southern California

In March of 2014 while ministering in San Diego, at Foothills Christian Church, I received a vision of Jesus standing opposite Southern California.

A gift for the new year

How should we discern the difference between vision given by God and self produced vision, the difference between what springs up (Naba) and what we cook up (Zyid)? Perhaps one key is to recognize that vision from God will always be according to His wisdom not ours....

2016: What Is Your Vision?

As we enter into the New Year many it would seem are leaning into frustration, pessimism, and, even a sense of hopelessness in regards to the future.

The 2014 Pioneer Challenge

It’s God’s heart for each of us that we always allow our dreams, visions, and hopes to be governed and inspired by His will for us that so we grow into new levels of success and prosperity.

Join us as we come together with God to:

• Understand the Time & Season God is sovereignly releasing us into.
• Draw Near to God as a people through extended times of worship.
• Become more fully trained & equipped to walk in God’s full purposes of this hour.
• Receive Impartation of God’s power and gifting in the Holy Spirit.
• Seek God for breakthroughs of healing and miracles for long term afflictions.


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Each of our messages are focused on encouraging and strengthening a Christ-like faith and lifestyle. As well, several of them are reflective of what the Lord is desiring to say to the church today.

While some of the blogs touch on contemporary issues, they are rooted in the foundational and timeless truths and ways of God that transcend today’s cultural confusion.