Redeeming Betrayal

The experience of betrayal can be extremely challenging to move past, especially on an emotional level. Besides the potential results of betrayal in a practical sense, the most hurtful aspect is that it comes from someone you have trusted and possibly even loved. As...

So, You’re Praying for Revival?

So, You’re Praying for Revival? The last 3-4 years have seen many prominent and influential churches and ministries come into the limelight for the wrong reasons. Sins such as adultery, spiritual abuse, and wrongful use of church funds have been the primary issues....

2024; Holy Spirit Entrepreneurship vs the Rise of Evil

2024; Holy Spirit Entrepreneurship vs the Rise of Evil What is Holy Spirit entrepreneurship? Essentially, it is working fresh and creative strategies inspired by the Holy Spirit. They could be a strategy/idea given by God to a research person, a government official, a...

The Generosity of Kingdom minded people (and churches)

From time to time, some people end up church shopping. That could be for various reasons, some good, some maybe not so good. Inevitably, however, when church shopping, one identifies and contrasts churches by their names, brands, denominations, and size. The most...


Keys to correctly discern and respond to personal prophetic words

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Each of our books and messages have been prayerfully crafted to enable you to more fully know God and His ways. The messages contain easy to follow steps in developing a Christ-like lifestyle. 




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Each of our messages are focused on encouraging and strengthening a Christ-like faith and lifestyle. As well, several of them are reflective of what the Lord is desiring to say to the church today.

While some of the blogs touch on contemporary issues, they are rooted in the foundational and timeless truths and ways of God that transcend today’s cultural confusion.

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