The Generosity of Kingdom minded people (and churches)

From time to time, some people end up church shopping. That could be for various reasons, some good, some maybe not so good. Inevitably, however, when church shopping, one identifies and contrasts churches by their names, brands, denominations, and size. The most...

Coming Moves of God’s Spirt will be Worship & Presence Fueled!

In November 2016, I was with several thousand others for a gathering in Jerusalem. The agenda was simply worship, prayer, and catching what the Holy Spirit might want to say to us. While there was some speaking, the messages came from the steering committee...

Trapped in Short-Term Vision?

The last few years have presented significant challenges in a variety of ways worldwide. Christians have not been immune from those challenges. One overlooked challenge, particularly this season, is the temptation to become overly fixated on current crises. The real...

The Coming Harvest and God’s Holy Fire

Last week, while in one of the worship meetings at my home church, I saw in a vision the fire of the Lord's presence resting in the sanctuary. As the fire burned, I saw chaff being thrown into the fire and completely consumed. I also saw fat being thrown into the fire...

2022: Out of the Whirlwind!

Understandably, the Book of Job is not usually mentioned as anyone’s favorite book in the Bible. While the overall theme of redemption and promotion following loss and destruction is thoroughly Biblical, we typically desire a less challenging route towards God’s...


Keys to correctly discern and respond to personal prophetic words

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Each of our messages are focused on encouraging and strengthening a Christ-like faith and lifestyle. As well, several of them are reflective of what the Lord is desiring to say to the church today.

While some of the blogs touch on contemporary issues, they are rooted in the foundational and timeless truths and ways of God that transcend today’s cultural confusion.

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