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Over the last 35 years, Marc has done quite a bit of prophetic consulting and mentoring. Primarily we have limited that to those leaders whose relationship is based on Marc ministering in their churches and ministries across the globe. Now, however, we are making that opportunity available to Christian leaders in all spheres of influence.

To Meet, or not to Meet?

Since the shutdowns due to Covid-19 began, one of the top issues of conversation among Christians has been ‘how essential are Sunday church meetings in the life of a church’. That is a highly relevant and important question. However, God may have a perspective on this were not considering.

Words Matter

The last five months have seen an increase in opinions, debate, statistics, and accusations shouted out in all the various media forums. While some posts and messages do contain some truth and wisdom, a lot of it is seemingly just a ‘hurray for my side’ diatribe. As well, many are speaking out of a degree of anger and bitterness, which ends up burying any sort of hope of real peace and reconciliation. The following vlog focuses on the call to speak and write words that are both encouraging and life-giving!

The Next 50 Days- A Timeline!

 Yesterday, Christians all over the world celebrated Christ’s resurrection. As with the Jewish people who celebrated Passover this weekend, it was historical in that in nations across the globe, most of us were bound to our homes due to Covid-19. This is amazing when...

Lessons from Life Behind Bars

Going full throttle with God…

Pursuing the throne: The place of restoration

Lives are transformed when we encounter God’s presence.

Join us for this weekend with Marc Dupont as multiple churches in Myrtle Beach gather to pursue the glory of God for the sake of His fame and renown.

Marc is the founder of Mantle of Praise Ministries, a ministry restoring a prophetic edge to the whole body of Christ for the sake of revival. During the last 26 years, Marc has ministered in conferences, seminars, and churches in well over 20 countries, functioning in a prophetic “Barnabas ministry” of encouragement, speaking on what the Spirit of God desires to say to churches, regions, or the Body of Christ in general. He has a strong value for impartation, releasing the Father’s desire in three foundational areas: embracing spiritual gifts, Holy Spirit revealing the Father’s compassion and sovereignty directly to hearts, and ministering healing.

Hey there, we have recently discounted all of our resources by approximately 30%!

We know that many of you have gone through a real tightening of your budget. So have we, here at MoPM due to our national and international trips of the last 4 months canceled due to Covid-19. In the desire to both bless you and bring about a bit of needed revenue we are dropping our prices for a win-win situation. I would especially like to recommend two of our books, which are very apropos for today’s issues. First “Breakthrough in Times of Breakdown” can be a real help in understanding God’s ways during challenging times. And the book ‘Becoming the Friend of God’ will prove to be a real blessing if you’re suffering a bit of isolation with everything going on. And remember God’s promise- ‘the righteous will prosper, even during a time of famine’!


Keys to correctly discern and respond to personal prophetic words

Books, CD’s, MP3’s

Each of our books and messages have been prayerfully crafted to enable you to more fully know God and His ways. The messages contain easy to follow steps in developing a Christ-like lifestyle. 




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Each of our messages are focused on encouraging and strengthening a Christ-like faith and lifestyle. As well, several of them are reflective of what the Lord is desiring to say to the church today.

While some of the blogs touch on contemporary issues, they are rooted in the foundational and timeless truths and ways of God that transcend today’s cultural confusion.

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