Every year, Marc speaks at many conferences, either as the main speaker, or as part of a team of speakers. If there is going to be a team of speakers, Marc needs to know at the time of scheduling who the other intended speakers are.  Our conferences and seminars, like the schools, are very focused on both activation and impartation to those in attendance.


Seminars tend to be more intensive training/teaching times than the ministry visits. We prefer to operate seminars by requiring registration for the day portions of the event. This allows solid Biblical foundational teaching to be progressively developed through the course of the event.

Almost all of our seminars have times of ministry, including healing and prophecy.  As well, there are often extended times of worship focused on ministering to the person of God.  Almost always we will have times of impartation – praying for the effective release of the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Healing and the Kingdom of God

Healing and the Kingdom of God is focused on the proclamation of God’s reign and goodness being at hand.  Ministry wise we focus on healing, signs & wonders, evangelism, and God’s heart for the poor.  Foundationally we focus on the presence of God, establishing resting places – Bethels, in our lives, congregations, and cities.  In short, our focus is on embracing the person of God, the ways of God, and the will of God so that His Kingdom might increase on earth as it is in heaven. We are committed to helping establish region wide “KRC’s” – Kingdom Resource Centers.

Knowing the Times and Seasons

Knowing the Times and Seasons, like the Kingdom Conference, will involve ministry in the Spirit, such as healing and prophecy, but will place a huge emphasis of hearing what the Holy Spirit is saying to the contemporary church. Topics such as worship, prayer, and holiness will be addressed as well.

Knowing the Voice of God

Knowing the Voice of God is the teaching we offer for developing ears and eyes of the heart in the knowledge of God. There is an underlying emphasis on a lifestyle of intimacy with God and learning to live, pray, worship, prophesy, and serve God out of the leading of the Spirit, as opposed to attempting to live a religious life style.

The Father Heart of God

The Father Heart of God ministry helps bring people into the heart knowledge of the “God of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 1.17). In it we explore the perspective that eternal life, as Jesus said in John 17.3, is not simply a place called heaven, but a relationship with God the Father. Part of our goal is to set people free from strongholds of a performance oriented relationship with God and the orphan spirit. This seminar can be an absolutely life transforming time for many.

Walking Out of Spiritual Abuse

Walking Out of Spiritual Abuse is, as the title suggests, a very specific seminar on recognizing religious strongholds and becoming free of them. Its focus is to restore Christians to the freedom of the Spirit that Christ came to bring each of us. While being especially for those who have come out of religious backgrounds, Christian cults, and cults in general, it can be quite valuable for many in understanding the priesthood of each believer in Christ Jesus.

Leaders Conferences

Leaders Conferences are geared towards helping leaders in all areas of life grow in understanding Christ like leadership. We place a primary emphasis on helping leaders understand who they are in Christ and the ways of Christ so that they might grow in their calling and destiny. Our goal is to help leaders become both better leaders and to personally become more fulfilled in pursuing their destiny.

Worship and the Tabernacle of David

Worship and the Tabernacle of David conferences are all about embracing God’s invitation found in Isaiah 66.1-3 of establishing resting places for the glory of God in our lives, churches, and cities.  It is coming to grips with God the Father’s desire to raise up true worship and worshipers.  Marc has a strong burden to see contemporary Levites raised up in the body of Christ! We focus on the lessons of the tabernacles of Moses, David, and the temple of Solomon in understanding God’s ordained ways of approaching His presence and worshiping the Father in Spirit and in Truth.

God, the Bible, and Finances

God, the Bible, and Finances is either a one day, or three night seminar designed to help people understand how God desires us to think and work with the tool of money.We deal with both the hype and manipulation of giving found in many ministries but we also examine the other side of the pendulum the spirit of poverty which rules over many Christian’s mindset’s about finances.  Our goal is not to take people from poverty to prosperity, but rather to help people move from poverty to generosity. Our primary desire is for people to have “an abundance for every good deed” as Paul wrote to the church in Corinth.

For specific information regarding our Conferences & Seminars Themes, or to discuss other possible themes, please feel free to contact us.

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