Being fruitful is high up on God’s priorities for our lives. In fact, the first words we read of God speaking to humanity is the directive to be fruitful. Jesus stated in the gospel of John, chapter 15, verse 8, that it was by bearing much kingdom fruit that we proved to be His disciples, which in turn would glorify God, the Father! This blog, and the next several will be focused on fruit, fruit tree’s, and bearing supernatural fruit. By supernatural fruit I mean fruit we cannot achieve on our own and fruit which brings life and blessing to ourselves and others. It is fruitfulness that can only come about by living a Holy Spirit filled life!

A fruit tree, as with all of plant life begins with a seed. The Bible, and, in deed, life itself has a lot to say about seeds being planted. Jesus spoke the parable of the “sower” in Matthew 13 to communicate the importance of seed being planted in good soil. The soil that God plants seeds of vision and calling into, as well as the salvation message itself, is our hearts. It is out of the heart that we have ‘ears to hear’ and ‘eyes to see’ what the Holy Spirit is desiring to plant that may grow into something way beyond what we can understand, or envision, on our own. As with the young woman, Mary, who had never had a physical relationship with a man, God can impart something to us by the Holy Spirit that gives birth to things way beyond our natural comprehension. The key was Mary’s incredible response to the angel Gabriel- “let it be done, according to your word”.

When God speaks (Rhema) it is not only alive, but those words are intended to release life. The first seeds planted, which produced fruit, were supernatural- the word of God. God can speak into the most depressing, hopeless, confusing situation and if we ‘receive’ the word properly in our hearts and nurture it through prayer and faith supernatural breakthroughs come forth. Another way of putting is that the “the realm of endless possibilities invades the realm of impossibilities when God speaks”.

The key, as already mentioned, is believing what God speaks despite the situation in the natural. Proverbs 3.5 reads: “lean not to your own understanding, but trust in the Lord with all of your heart”. So to begin with it is not enough to hear the word, but to receive it into good soil that is nurtured and nourished by our prayers and faith.

To be continued…
Marc A. Dupont

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