by Carolyn Allen, July 1998

I saw a special troop (it wasn’t the whole body of Christ, but a select troop) of believers going through a line one by one receiving a pair of running shoes and a scroll. The shoes were put on immediately by each person as they received them and then the scroll was placed in their hands. The Lord kept telling me to remember the ministry of John the Baptist. John was sent to prepare the way of the Lord Jesus Christ. He preached and practiced a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. There was a boldness and tenacity expressed in his ministry. He knew his specific place and message and he was faithful to it in the face of cultural opposition. Just as John the Baptist was required to be bold and to do and say things considered “weird” by his culture, this troop will have a ministry such as his. They will preach the Kingdom with such fervor that the Kingdom of God will advance forcefully. (Mt. ll:ll-15) Many will come out of the desert regions (dry, void of the presence of God and His life) to repent of their sins and to be baptized. (Mark 1:4)

The running shoes were given the by Lord for protection and provision so the troop could carry our their assignment with perseverance and endurance. Each one put on their own shoes (indicating they had to make the choice to receive the grace of the “spirit of running” being offered.) As each one opened the scroll and read they saw a personal message of love from the Abba Father. Their hearts were pierced and they began to weep so great was their realization that God loved them personally. (This knowing of the love of the Father is an absolute must for the ministry of this troop. For the message of the Kingdom to be as forceful as what God is desiring and calling forth, one must preach out of compassion. It is interesting to note John’s name means “The Lord is gracious”.)

As they read on down the scroll they saw their particular assignment written for them – their place and position. The Lord is gracious in letting this troop know of the Father’s love and compassion for them and His promise for protection and provision to be a forerunner for the great harvest of souls. They will preach with passion and boldness to carry out their assignments. That they know ahead of time that the Father is backing them with His great love, compassion, protection and provision will enable them to complete their assignments.

CAUTION: This is very serious business. If one should desire this release of anointing on their life, they should seriously consider the life and ministry of John the Baptist. After all, look where his ministry led him – death by beheading. This call should not be considered to be to an “elite group” that makes them above others in the body or makes them someone extra special. This call is to an assignment for a specific task for a specific season in the Kingdom of God. It is not for everyone – no more than everyone has the same place in the body of Christ. (I Cor 12)

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