Pat Caudill March 20 at 11:05am

In 2001 on Super Bowl Sunday, I was in Phoenix, AZ on business. We lived in VA at the time. I was returning from a horseback riding trip when a car pulled off of a side road and we collided. I was going about 45mph when they pulled directly in front of me. The collision was unavoidable. I hit the car in a T-Bone fashion pushing it over 120ft, breaking a fire hydrant and totaling both vehicles. I was out of work for the better part of a year. I had not been the same since; I had pain in my back, leg and numbness in my right foot. There was honestly not a time when I was not uncomfortable or in some level of pain.

During a prayer team training session for the Dayton Campus Vineyard, which Marc Dupont was doing he had a word concerning God wanting to heal some one with a bad hip & back. I was prayed for, hands were laid on me and a healing occurred. There are days that I am stiff but NOTHING like it was. As a matter of fact, I dug my garden this year by shovel and by myself. Last time I paid someone to dig it for me because I was not capable.

God’s mercy and grace is not only sufficient, it’s unimaginable. This healing has initiated other healings, emotional healing and thought process healing. I am a full-time student. Today, I don’t have to contend with the negative thoughts planted in a child from a broken home; instead I study and I learn. According to my earthly family I was never supposed to be a good student or be successful, by the love, mercy and extravagance of my heavenly family, I’m on the Dean’s List. There were times that my back was geting sore after my initial healing and I would think, “I have been healed, I don’t need to be sore.”

Sometimes the soreness would go away and sometimes I would take a Motrin. Today for the first time in almost 10 years I do not take narcotics for back pain. No narcotics, no being bed bound, no canceling plans because it’s a “Bad Day”, just living without thinking about my back.

No longer does my physical body determine my spiritual mood. No longer does my back control my mind. So by claiming and owning and even defending the healing in my physical body God has blessed me with emotional and mental healing, all of which have immediate results in my daily life. I thank you Father, for your attention, affection, love, grace, mercy and justice.

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