by Marc Dupont, February 1999

This is to be a year of rest for many leaders. But not rest as you formerly have thought of rest. Many of my leaders are tired for many different reasons. Some are tired because they have been fighting the good fight. Some are tired because they do not understand that true ministry only takes place by My Spirit, not from your own might or power. Some are tired because they have been pursuing their own agendas and because they have been doing their things instead of My things there has been no anointing to bring about their dreams. Indeed, many leader’s dreams are derived from their own ambitions which are worldly and demonic. Those in bondage to self have reaped what they have sown and their churches are filled with division, pride, backbiting, slander, and gossip.

However, I know the plans I have for those I have chosen. Plans not for frustration or calamity, but to prosper you and my harvest. Indeed, I desire to make ministry a joy and blessing to your soul rather than a constant drain on your strength and vision. If you will let me, I want to teach you a new rest. A rest you have heard of but seldom experienced. I want to teach you to rest in and with Me. I have ceased from My labors and have entered into My rest. And I am calling you to join Me in that rest. I am calling you to let go of the yokes of religious toil and strife and enter into the yoke and rest of My Holy Spirit.

If you will let Me teach you how to approach me not merely as a slave, but as sons and friends, I will call you and lead you beside the still waters. I will make you to lie down in the rich green pastures. Indeed, I will set a table before you in the midst of your enemies.

Many of you constantly come before Me in great need, but I say to you that I AM the good shepherd, and if you will let me lead you into My Presence and My Rest you shall not want. More than I desire your sacrifices of bulls and goats, I desire your heart. I desire your time. I desire not that all of your energy be given to your plans and agendas, but I desire that you would give of your best to Me personally.

I can cause the storehouse to be filled. I can bring in the givers and the laborers of the harvest. I can bring in the fishermen and the workers to clean the fish. I can cause My rains to soften the soil so it receives the seeds and instead of a small, sparse crop that is hard to see and enjoy I can cause you to bear fruit 40, 60, 80, and even a 100 times full. The harvest belongs to Me. But you have rarely sought Me as Lord of the Harvest and even less do you seek Me as Lord of the Sabbath. Behold, I Am one and the same and neither can you have the one without the other. If you will enter into My rest and come before My throne and Presence, I will give you the soft, fertile fields, and I will give you the flowing waters to irrigate, and you shall see a table full of good fruits despite the presence of your enemies.

I desire that you seek Me and seek Me with a pure heart for only the pure of heart can see Me. If you will do this with your whole heart, I will do what many of you have given up on. I will not only refresh you and restore you for My Names sake, but I will set a table for you in the midst of your enemies.

It is important that you now enter into My rest, because the race is about to begin in earnest, and if you can not run with the foot soldiers, you certainly will not be able to ride with the horsemen. I am soon, and already releasing the horses of My Spirit and many will be ministering in a whole new anointing and power. But you must learn- It is only by My Spirit, not your power or might, and the BATTLE BELONGS TO ME!

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