A gift for the new year

How should we discern the difference between vision given by God and self produced vision, the difference between what springs up (Naba) and what we cook up (Zyid)? Perhaps one key is to recognize that vision from God will always be according to His wisdom not ours....

2016: What Is Your Vision?

As we enter into the New Year many it would seem are leaning into frustration, pessimism, and, even a sense of hopelessness in regards to the future.

2014 Pioneer Challenge, Pt. 2; God’s Challenging Ways

“Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” Jesus prayed, on the cross. Was that crux moment possibly the ultimate picture of the core of God’s great heart? We are somewhat familiar with the ordeal of the passion- at least head knowledge wise. The beating, the crown of thorns piercing His scalp, the whipping that cut through both skin and muscle, carrying the weight of the cross, and, finally, the pegs put through His wrists and feet we relate to- at least in theory.

Mary Patel healed of Leukemia

Testimony - Woman healed of Leukemia from Marc Dupont Ministries on Vimeo. "Mary Patel and daughter talk to Marc Dupont about her experience getting completely healed of Leukemia." Testimony - Woman healed of Leukemia from Marc Dupont Ministries on Vimeo....

How Do We Face the Future by Don Atkin

Preface by Marc Dupont Allow me to introduce you to the wisdom of Don Atkin, for those of you unfamiliar with him. Don has been functioning as an apostle to the body of Christ for decades now. Over the last 3 years I have begun to have a a growing friendship with Don,...