by Marc Dupont, January 2000

The Lord says that a New Song is being released to His people this year. God is breathing a fresh wind of prophetic creativity on the artists and worship leaders. This wind will fill the sails of many congregations with a deeper understanding in their hearts of the goodness and the purposes of God for His people and the world at this time.

The Lord showed me a funnel of His light coming down from Heaven towards those who have been seeking His face and waiting on Him. The funnel was coming in a downward spiral. All who were underneath it and around it began to be caught up in a greater clarity of the light of His Presence. A great freedom came to many to loose themselves in the love and freedom of the Holy Spirit. But, as this funnel landed on many I could see musical notes like on a song sheet begin to blow back up the funnel towards heaven.

The Lord says the Tabernacle of David is in the process of restoration. The Holy Spirit is releasing a hunger for the wisdom of worship that David and the Levites who ministered at David’s tabernacle walked in. Many who have never had an appetite for extended periods of prayer and worship are going to begin having a burning heart for ministering to the Lord, as Mary did, with extravagant worship. They are going to learn to take the precious perfume of the passion of their hearts and waste it on Jesus’ feet. But as they do this the perfume of the sweetness of Jesus’ Presence is going to begin to fill houses of worship in a deeper way. Many congregations are going to start spending what formerly would have seemed inordinate amounts time singing, praying, dancing, and just being in His Presence.

In this fresh wind there is also going to be a great release of creativity. New songs are going to be stirred up in the hearts of artists and worship leaders. They will be prophetic in that they are going to help the Bride of Christ understand and perceive the heart, majesty, grace, and love of her lover- the King of Kings. And just as leaders need like David to pay the price of building their own alters, the Lords says those leaders need to begin to make room in the sanctuaries for the people to minister to God. A shift is coming in these months and years we are now in. Many churches are no longer going to be centered solely on attracting man and ministering to man. The Father is pursuing those who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. He is pursuing those who desire to make a resting place, not merely a work place, for His Holy Spirit.
Just as David established a tabernacle of worship twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, so many churches are going to start establishing places continually open for prayer and meetings lasting all night celebrating God and raising up a canopy of worship for God’s Spirit to enjoy. And just as David’s tabernacle had no veil, so in these places of worship the glory of God will be greatly known.

This a time and season for the artists and worship leaders to more fully enter their priesthood. For the Lord says that if they shall be like Obed-edom, who loved God’s glory, they shall indeed not just sing the songs and play the instruments, but they shall become Gatekeepers for many to help them move past the gates of thanksgiving and the courts of praise and into the glory of His Presence. They shall, in fact, help the people build a resting place with a canopy of worship for His majesty.

It is time for the singers to sing a new song. It is time for the painters to paint with fresh colors. It is time for the dancers to dance as David did. It is time for the Levites to emerge and to offer up sacrifices of hearts burning for Him and the incense of true worship and prayer. It is time for the tent of His Glory to be re-established.

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