Ekklesia Restoration Consulting

Ekklesia Restoration Consulting (E.R.C.) is a branch of Mantle of Praise Ministries. The purpose of E.R.C. is to help churches, church leaders, and church members who have been involved in harmful church practices, or toxic faith, to identify and move past spiritually abusive patterns. Much like other forms of abuse, spiritual abuse is, in the long run, both destructive to the victim and the culprit. In fact, all are victims when the dust has settled. For both the initial victim and the one who abuses if the syndrome is not recognized and healed, long term damage can result in loss of relationships, confidence, and vision. Unfortunately, for many the “good news” has via the church become the “bad news”.

Marc Dupont, the founder of Mantle of Praise Ministries, has over 15 years of experience in helping both leaders and church members who have been caught up in harmful church practices and policies contrary to the fullness of the gospel. John Arnott wrote, regarding Marc’s book Toxic Churches; “Marc’s life and years of itinerant work have qualified him to approach this sensitive subject. He is experienced in bringing wisdom and encouragement to both victims and leaders who have been caught up in toxic faith.”

Our goal is not to point out with “accusing fingers” identifying the “bad guy”, but rather through compassionate, objective, and Biblically based consulting help:

  • leaders identity and recognize practices and policies that are ultimately damaging to those they minister
  • bridge growing gaps between church leadership and laity
  • mediate divisive issues among church leadership teams
  • mediate seriously divisive disputes between church leaders and congregations*
  • individual church members recognize and deal with abuses and/or misperceptions in an appropriate and positive way

*All invitations for corporate consulting need to come from the senior leaders of the church, or group, interested. As well, all information shared during consultations are regarded as strictly confidential excepting in cases where state or federal laws may have been violated.

For specific information regarding E.R.C. please contact us.

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