Rebecca Holihan

Rebecca HolihanRebecca Holihan has been a pastor serving in worship and the arts. Her passion is to draw God’s people into a deeper understanding of the times and seasons we are in as a means to discover the mysteries and wonder of the Lord.

Rebecca is a friend of Marc Dupont and his family, serving alongside Marc as a colleague and assisting him in his ministry with Mantle of Praise. She has co-taught and shared times of speaking and serving with Marc both nationally and internationally. Rebecca and her  husband, Dan, live in Yellow Springs, Ohio. They have eleven children between them.

She has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy with a specialty in Ancient Cosmology. Her vision is to draw people into a deeper understanding of God’s ways as a means to discover the mysteries and wonders of His nature. Her passion is to draw people into a deeper understanding of God’s ways as a means to discover the mysteries and wonders of His nature.

Rebecca started in ministry as a person seeking social justice for the poor. She was mentored under the ministry of Dr. John Perkins and quickly developed a passion for the inner city. In the heart of an economically, depleted neighborhood, Rebecca established a Christian community and non-profit organization, speaking and teaching about racial reconciliation and the poor.

Marc highly recommends Rebecca for several focus’ in ministry but especially in coming along side pastors and leaders and coaching/assisting them in how to establish effect and Biblically based prophetic teams in their churches/ministries.

Seminar and Conference Dynamics:

• Knowing the Voice of the Lord: An interactive seminar and clinic to establish a prophetic ministry in the church

• Developing a healthy prophetic protocol for the local church

• Creating a prophetic outreach team for your community

• Working with church leaders to develop church-based prophetic teams and schools

• The Journey Inward: Contemplation, meditation and the art of hearing God’s voice

• Beyond the Veil: Understanding the cosmological aspects of God’s nature

• Sacred Space: Creating artistic environments and innovations in outreach

• All Things Common: How to become and intentional community that networks between the local church and your neighborhood

• Hidden Treasures: The exploration of what the ancients knew about times, seasons and sacred lore

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