New Song Ministries

“Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another, and the LORD gave attention and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the LORD and who esteem His name” Malachi 3.16

New Song Associated Ministries is the “non network” network formed by Marc Dupont and Mantle of Praise Ministries, Inc. There are no dues, or tithes, to pay. There is no need to change the name of the belonging church or ministry. The goal and focus is simply heart to heart relationships and the encouragement, wisdom, and strength that flow from those relationships.

New Song Associated Ministries is an eclectic group of leaders, churches, and ministries that relate to Mantle of Praise Ministries as a consistent apostolic and prophetic input into their lives and ministries. More importantly, however, they relate to Marc Dupont as a consistent Barnabas brother and/or father figure in the life of the church/ministry & leadership team. As well, the leaders who are part of N.S.A.M. place a strong value on being “both/and” ministries. Meaning they are churches & ministries that whole heartedly desire to be Holy Spirit led & empowered, but also, culturally practical and pragmatic.

As leaders in the body of Christ have found heart to heart relationships are difficult to come by. Simply by belonging to a church movement, or denomination, is no guarantee that quality life giving relationships with a peer facing similar vision and challenges will result. As well, many have found that simply attending leaders conferences with gifted speakers often fails in the long run to provide the encouragement and specific insights needed. These are things that only quality relationships with like hearted leaders can bring about. We believe, in fact, that true life giving relationships such as those experienced by Jonathan and David, or Elijah and Elisha, are truly a gift of God.

New Song Associated Ministries is committed to establishing opportunities and platforms by which leaders can find 1) prophetic and apostolic encouragement through relationship, and 2) life giving relationships with peers.

Some of the common values of New Song Associated Ministries are:

  • A deep desire to be led by & empowered by the Holy Spirit as our Lord Jesus was. Many leaders have learned the hard way that to simply adopt the methodology of the mega church across town simply does not work in the long run because God never does the same thing twice in the same way. As David understood, it is the height of folly to try and wear someone else’s (Saul’s) armor and to fight with someone else’s weapons.
  • An ongoing commitment to demonstrate God’s love & compassion in both practical & supernatural ways. For example, such as embracing God’s heart for the poor with action, but also seeking His healing power for victims of cancer & aids.
  • An ongoing commitment to realize our foundation in life is the great commandment of loving God with all of hearts, and out of the overflow of that relationship to give our selves to the great commission. In short to embrace a life changing active passion for God, out of which we actively embrace His compassion for the lost & hurting.
  • A commitment to be sensitive to the culture in which God has put us in, without making an idol out of cultural relevancy. Our goal is to be sensitive to God, and out of that relationship learn to walk in His sensitivity and kindness towards our communities. To reverse this order is to court disaster by gradually overlooking the timeless ways, truths, and gifts of God, which can often dramatically clash with the world cultures around us.
  • A deep desire and commitment to continually be growing in our relationship with God the Father. We desire to know true significance and security out of our relationship with the Father, as Jesus modeled, rather than live in the bondage of a performance-oriented relationship of trying to earn God’s love and favor through achievements in ministry.
  • A deep desire and commitment to choose the “more excellent way” of preferring others to self, rather than simply seeing others in the body of Christ as stepping stones towards one’s own goals.
  • A deep life long commitment to both seeking first the Kingdom of God locally, nationwide, and internationally (the extension of God’s Presence, Ways, and Will) and to build up the church (the bride of Christ & the sons of God) to the place of full maturity in Christ Jesus.
  • A commitment to helping true Kingdom of God leaders emerge in all spheres of authority such as church leadership, marketplace leadership, neighborhood leadership, or creative arts leadership.
  • A lasting commitment to stand firmly on the ancient, yet always fresh, timeless truths and values of the Bible AND be current with the new seasons birthed by the Holy Spirit.
  • A complete commitment to establishing healthy relationships and safe places for leaders. To pursue this goal to the point where hidden rejection, hurts, and addictions many leaders live with can be brought out into the open and replaced with the freedom and joy of the Holy Spirit.

These are a few of the common values of New Song churches and ministries. Besides the practicing of the above values the question remains: “who can be part of New Song Associated Ministries”?

  • Those churches and ministries who regularly have relationship and input with/from Marc Dupont.
  • Churches, marketplace ministries, and para-church type ministries are welcome. Relationships are with people, not institutions!
  • Many New Song churches and ministries may belong to other networks, or denominations, as well.
  • New Song leaders are encouraged to attend once a year the Psalm133 gatherings New Song puts on in different cities and nations. These are without cost other than travel, food, & accommodation. It is out of these roundtable times of prayer, sharing vision, and heart that a platform for real life giving relationships can be found and formed.

Lastly, some ask why the name “New Song”? For two basic reasons:

  1. David’s New Song, of Psalm 40, represented not simply God calling him out of a pit to survive, but to prosper in God’s love in a highly contagious way. New Song Associated Ministries is committed to helping leaders come into the joy and fulfillment of experiencing the Holiness of Realized Destiny.
  2. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, in His character and attributes. But, as the seasons change in the natural so God often breathes new seasons on His people in the Spirit. As, Isaiah 42.9 & 10 reads: “Behold, the former things have come to pass, Now I declare new things; Before they spring forth I proclaim them to you. Sing to the LORD a new song,” Being created in God’s image means a basic inherent spiritual hunger to go from glory to glory, from breakthrough to breakthrough, from fruitfulness to greater fruitfulness. When we stay current with the Holy Spirit and experience the new compassions He has for us, we can’t help but sing a new song, birthed out of God’s creative heart!

A key focal point of New Song Associated Ministries is the Psalm 133 Gatherings held two to three times a year in different areas. The P133Gs are 2 day round tables limited to maximum of 25 people. These are not so much preaching/training times as they are round table times of sharing both Kingdom vision for one’s community and what God is currently doing in our hearts. While Marc will probably share during one session on vision and staying current with God, the chief focus is on each attendee contributing through vision casting, candid sharing, praying for others, and times of worship. The P133Gs are key times for 1) receiving and giving encouragement and healing, 2) gaining fresh insights from others re: what God is doing in their ministries, 3) experiencing worship and refreshment in the Holy Spirit in a group of peers with common vision and values. P133Gs, due to the nature of the people gathered and the group size, experience a degree of intimacy that large conferences cannot achieve.

New Song fully recognizes that there are many in leadership today in different spheres of authority that don’t so much need to sit and listen to a conference speaker, but rather need to establish vital relationships and share out of the wealth that God has placed in their hearts! New Song Associated Ministries is being established to encourage and facilitate these mutually enhancing goals.

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