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The authors of Healing Today- Marc Dupont and Mark Stibbe, have been practitioners of the ministry of divine healing for well over half a century. Marc has, in fact, been teaching about Biblical ways of praying for the sick internationally for well over 30 years. By the grace of God, he has seen numerous healings and miracles globally. The goal of this collaborative work by these two speakers and writers is to make available practical Biblical theology and encouragement so you too might extend the kingdom of God though the ministry of imparting God’s divine grace for healing.

The book is highly practical, extremely Biblically based, and chock full of encouraging testimonies. From understanding Why God is in the healing business today to coming to grips with differing models of actually laying hands on the sick the reader will be encouraged that the ministry of healing is not for a few ‘elite Christian superstars’. The Spirit is on each of us who are in Christ to effectively “heal the sick, cast out demons, and cleanse the lepers” as we extend the grace of God to hurting and wounded people. As well, the book deals with some of the thorny issues such as why some healings don’t seem to last and why not all are healed. There have been a number of churches that have used this book as training manuals for their prayer ministry teams.

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