by Marc Dupont

The Lord says that He loves us, and because He loves us He wants us to bear greater fruit. Because He wants us to bear greater fruit He is going to prune us. We are to know that this pruning is not a punishment, but those that He loves He prunes, just as a vine grower prunes not just the unfruitful vines, but especially the fruitful ones that are his favorites.

You have up to this point been a watering place for the Jordan during the time of John the Baptist I have brought the empty and the dry from all over the world in ways you formerly would not have believed them. I have brought them to you and you have been faithful. You have baptized them deep in My refreshing love and Joy. They have gone away intoxicated with Me and have effected many others all over the world. But know it is now the time for the John the Baptists to embrace a deeper death to self. Everything you have done, just as everything John did was of Me and for Me. But I did call for His ministry to cease so that the bigger ministry of my Son Jesus might begin. I say to you that if you will die to self, reputation, programs, and the way the river has been nourishing the peoples I will take you into an even greater baptism.

This baptism will not be in front of the crowds. It will be alone in your prayer closet. Instead of moments of greater laughter you will experience moments of great sorrow. Just as my Son Jesus stated before the hour of His being glorified; that a grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die to itself if it is going to bear much fruit” He said “My soul is troubled within Me” Those who I love I prune, and if you will let me I am going to cut you deep within you. But, I promise you where I make cuts there are going to be new branches grafted into you. And these new branches are going to bear a fruit even more delicious that what you have previously known.

I say to you, do not trust in the programs, the systems, the ways in which you have been ministering. Do not trust in your resources, personnel, or strategies. I Am going to do something far beyond what you are capable of, just as almost 3 years ago I did something far beyond what you knew was capable. I am calling you to leave the focus of the John the Baptist ministry and travel with My Son out into the wilderness for a season of fasting and prayer. It can be lonely there. You will miss the parties and the laughter and the drunkenness. But, I say to you if you embrace this death and do not trust in what you have in place, or in motion, I will give you new ministries and a deeper anointing. I will give you the treasure of the secret places rather than the joy of the parties. I say to to I want to do these things not because I am against you but because I love you so deeply My children and and I desire for My joy to be even stronger within you. And when you experience that joy you will have a strength for ministry you have never known before. And this joy will be very contagious to the lost and broken outside of the existing church.

But I do warn you, just as not all of John the Baptist’s disciples went on to follow Jesus, not all of your leaders will be able to make this transition. Do not be hung up on everyone making the transition, because some I have given you for the refreshing stage, but others I have given you are for both, and there are some I have given you that are now coming that you know not of.

Let each in his heart of hearts decide at this time to pick up their cross and follow Me into the deeper things. Because to whom much is given much will be required. And I say to you to always know this: “I love you with a love beyond what you can understand. Trust Me and follow Me with all of your heart and lean not to your own understanding. If you will do that I will accomplish all of these things I have placed on your heart and even more, because I love you.”

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